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The Reese Piece
Tristily tropiquely
Laura Reese Witherspoon
Uses the name of her
Mother as née. 
This is a regular
Pattern of naming that
Also counts me. 
-[D.] Reese Warner

Though there's a bit of poetic license in that--and not just that I rhymed me and née. Though if you ever heard my French...

Unlike that other Reese, it was my paternal grandmother who was named Josephine Reese and whose name I use. My parents called me Reese since even before I can remember and it feels odd to think of myself as anybody else.

I grew up in Chicago and got degrees in Classical Languages, Computer Science, and Comparative Literature. Clearly I was a bit Confused, but as long as the subject started with a C, I figured I was OK. After living a few other places during that education, the Other Reader's job took us to Toronto, where we've lived now for twenty-plus years.

I worked as a computer consultant, doing software development and technical writing, but in 2017 was fortunate enough to take early partial retirement to use the rest of my time for fun and interesting projects of my own.

You can reach me via email: reese (at) reesewarner (dot) com

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