This is a list of my creative pieces (fiction and poetry) that have appeared in print. Technical writing for clients is not included.


Antigonish Review

  • "What Kind of an Artist Are You?" #152
  • "The Painting of Artemus Alford" #139

  • "The Ghost of Anne Courage" V.34, #2

  • "Hupasiyas, or The Husband"V.9, #1
  • "Sisyphus, A Success Story, as told by himself" V.6, #1
  • "A Rejection Letter" V.4, #2

Queen Street Quarterly
  • "Young Woman In Blue Reading a Letter" V.7, #3
  • "The Autobiography (so far) of Francis Talmadge" V.6, #4
Dialogue (University of California Berkeley student magazine)
  • "Untitled" #10
  • "The Helpful Mountain" #10
  • "Da Dazhk La Fa Nazh" #8
  • "Untitled" #8
Also there's what would (will!) be my debut novel, Thingummy.com, An Insider's Story. I'd blurb it like this:
Four young people move to San Francisco to start a tech company, get rich and change the world. But their love lives get in the way


  • "Alkabiades Ivanovich" #153 (here)
  • "To Gaius, from Ovid" Vol 18/19
  • "Thucydides in Exile" Vol 18/19
  • "Anchises" Vol 18/19
The Rotary Dial

The poems are mostly dramatic monologues by figures from classical history or mythology who emigrate to Canada. Go figure. 

Small magazine links have a way of rotting. Should you notice any, feel free to comment below and I'll try to fix it.

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