This is a list of my creative pieces (fiction and poetry) that have appeared in print. Technical writing for clients is not included.


Antigonish Review

  • "What Kind of an Artist Are You?" #152
  • "The Painting of Artemus Alford" #139

  • "The Ghost of Anne Courage" V.34, #2

  • "Hupasiyas, or The Husband"V.9, #1
  • "Sisyphus, A Success Story, as told by himself" V.6, #1
  • "A Rejection Letter" V.4, #2

Queen Street Quarterly
  • "Young Woman In Blue Reading a Letter" V.7, #3
  • "The Autobiography (so far) of Francis Talmadge" V.6, #4
Dialogue (University of California Berkeley student magazine)
  • "Untitled" #10
  • "The Helpful Mountain" #10
  • "Da Dazhk La Fa Nazh" #8
  • "Untitled" #8
Also there's what would (will!) be my debut novel, Thingummy.com, An Insider's Story. I'd blurb it like this:
Four young people move to San Francisco to start a search engine company, get rich and change the world. But their love lives get in the way


  • "Alkabiades Ivanovich" #153 (here)
  • "Ariadne" V.89, #3
  • "Cold Land, or Song for Coronis" V.87, #3
  • "To Gaius, from Ovid" Vol 18/19
  • "Thucydides in Exile" Vol 18/19
  • "Anchises" Vol 18/19
The Rotary Dial
The poems are all dramatic monologues by figures from classical history or mythology who emigrate to Canada. Go figure. Except for the occasional bit of light verse, such as the Game of Thrones poem, and well, there's this:

Double Dactyl 
"Auden thought the triolet was too trivial a form to bother with..." - James Fenton 
Practally dactally
W. H. Auden
Mastered his verse forms with
Scarcely a miss. 
Some he found slight. There's no
No triolet, and he
Didn't write this.
-Reese Warner

Small magazine links have a way of rotting. Should you notice any, feel free to comment below and I'll try to fix it.

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