Thursday, March 10, 2022

Come Dance With Kitty Stobling (#ReadingIrelandMonth)


Come Dance With Kitty Stobling

No, no, no. I know I was not important as I moved
Through the colourful country, I was but a single
Item in the picture, the name not the beloved.
O tedious man with whom no gods commingle.
Beauty, who has described beauty? Once upon a time
I had a myth that was a lie but it served:
Trees walking across the crests of hills and my rhyme
Cavorting on mile-high stilts and the unnerved
Crowds looking up with terror in their rational faces.
O dance with Kitty Stobling, I outrageously
Cried out of sense to them, while their timorous paces
Stumbled behind Jove's page boy paging me.
I had a very pleasant journey, thank you sincerely
For giving me my madness back, or nearly.

-Patrick Kavanagh

Patrick Kavanagh (1904-1967) was an Irish poet. This sonnet was first published in 1958, and collected in book form in 1960. I don't know, I've always liked it. 😉 According to the editor, Antoinette Quinn, of The Collected Poems, Kitty Stobling is an invented name for Patrick Kavanagh's muse.


  1. A myth that serves: what a useful way to think of things.

  2. I love that line: Once upon a time I had a myth that was a lie but it served.