Thursday, July 13, 2017


It's halfway through 2017 and time for some reflection, I suppose.

I created this blog in 2009, but didn't do much with it for years. The archive at the side indicates I've written more posts this year than in the entire previous history of the blog. Writing more this year was the plan: I signed up for a couple of challenges as a motivation to write posts. I suppose my not entirely expressed New Years' resolutions were: to revive the blog and to read more books. I suspected (as turned out the case) that I was going into semi-retirement this year and my plan was to write more and read more with my newly available time. The challenges I signed up for called for mystery novels (which I read anyway, 20-30 a year) and reading books I already own (which I should do more of.) I'm on target for the TBR books, and ahead for the mysteries. I didn't find a challenge to motivate me, but I also decided to go from my usual around a 100 books a year to 120. I've read 64 so far. And I wrote a bunch of posts. So my semi-secret goals, as well as my subscribed challenges, are proceeding according to plan.

I was going to write something analytical about the nature of writing book posts for me, but...nah. Not yet. I haven't really figured it out. If writing a post is a way of organizing my thoughts about a subject, such as a book, then I haven't yet figured out what I think about writing posts.

If writing posts is just a way of marking what's happened, well, then this is good enough, innit?

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