Sunday, April 9, 2023

Sunday Salon (and 1940 Club Organizing Post)

Madame de Stael's salon. Frankly those chairs don't look all that comfortable.

Last Week

Some idle poetic thoughts from Siegfried Sassoon on the incompetence of generals.

For the My Reader's Block Scavenger Hunt, musings on the first Phryne Fisher mystery novel.

Then Javier Marías, with post maybe coming soon?

And now I'm gearing up for:

The 1940 Club

Hosted by Simon and Kaggsy, Monday is the beginning of the 1940 Club: The idea is to read books that came out in 1940. Here's my candidates for the week:

That's Leslie Charteris' The Saint in Miami and Ngaio Marsh's Death of a Peer. (Which some sources say is 1941, but I'm ignoring them.😉) 

Brecht's Trial of Lucullus is one of the plays in that volume of the collected Brecht, and is a radio play from 1940. It is, as they used to say around the office, my stretch goal. I'm currently about halfway through the Saint volume.

I've managed three 1940 volumes here at Typings in the past:

Chuck is demonstrating Ngaio Marsh's Death at the Bar, John Dickson Carr's The Man Who Could Not Shudder, Michael Innes' Secret Vanguard. Check 'em out!

Are you joining in?


  1. I found several books on my Classics Club list that were first published in 1940. I'd be most likely to read Cue for Treason since I have a copy of it and it's on my 1001 Children's Books list, too.

    I will head over to the host page and see if I can participate. Thanks for the heads up!

    1. Cue For Treason sounds interesting & I'd never heard of it before.

  2. Can't wait to see what books from 1940 you find to read. :D

  3. Oooh some interesting books - look forward to seeing what you cover! :D