Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Classics Club Spin #36


It's time for the latest Classics Club spin. You likely know the rules. A list of twenty books and next Sunday reveals the book we should read over the next month and a bit. So let's go straight to the list of twenty books.

I'm even nearer to the end of my list than I was at the last spin, so I'm going to concentrate on the books I need to finish my first Classics Club list. 

The First Quatrain:

1.) James Baldwin/Giovanni's Room
2.) Goethe/Wilhelm Meister
3.) George Bernard Shaw/Major Barbara
4.) Virginia Woolf/The Waves

A Second Quatrain:

5.) James Baldwin/Giovanni's Room
6.) Goethe/Wilhelm Meister
7.) George Bernard Shaw/Major Barbara
8.) Virginia Woolf/The Waves

Quatrain the Third:

9.) James Baldwin/Giovanni's Room
10.) Goethe/Wilhelm Meister
11.) George Bernard Shaw/Major Barbara
12.) Virginia Woolf/The Waves

And now, for the Quatrain of quatrains!

13.) James Baldwin/Giovanni's Room
14.) Goethe/Wilhelm Meister
15.) George Bernard Shaw/Major Barbara
16.) Virginia Woolf/The Waves

The pirates say, Just finish the danged books already.

Only one of those is long (the Goethe) and as I've already read two of the others (Giovanni's Room and Major Barbara) but didn't manage to blog about them. (Which I would do if they spin machine chose them.) I really should just finish the stack over the course of the month. 

But as that repetition is looking a little dull, and who doesn't want a bit of danger (?) in a spin, here's a few books from a potential new Classics Club list I've been thinking about:

17.) Luis Vaz de Camões/The Lusiads
18.) Harald Laxness/The Fish Can Sing
19.) Benito Perez Galdos/That Bringas Woman
20.) Konstantin Stanislavsky/My Life in Art

The Stanislavski would be the long one in that last quatrain.

Which look good to you? Are you spinning this time out?


  1. I've not read any of these, but I think I would pick the Baldwin. I read Go Tell it on the Mountain a couple of years ago and found it interesting.

    1. I also liked Go Tell It On The Mountain--so Giovanni's Room would be a good spin.

  2. Great plan!
    Here is mine:

    1. Oh, and I saw yours, but my comment seemed to get eaten by the spam filter. I'll try again.

  3. The only one of these that I've read is The Waves by V. Woolf...which took me a little bit to get into the rhythm of her prose and to keep the characters straight but once I did I ended up liking it. Can't wait to see what you spin. :D

  4. Ooh, I pick the Lusiads! With James Baldwin a close second. (Jean @ Howling Frog)

    1. The Lusiads would be a fun one. In any case it's going on the next list.

  5. The books on your list are way more adventurous than mine. I would like to read Giovanni's Room some day, so I hope that coms up.

    1. Giovanni's Room would be a good spin--and it's actually pretty short!

  6. Ha! I love how you did this. Odds are good for one of the few left on your list, but it's fun to think you might get some surprising and new. (If you were me, you might even---perfectly legal---swap out a couple of the titles on the old list for the new possibilities...)

    1. Oh, I should just finish them all. The only one that's a little scary is the Goethe. Even the Woolf is short & looks easier than her really hard but great ones.

  7. I read Giovanni's Room some time ago. It's powerful and I blogged about here: