2023 Challenge Headquarters

This is my organizing post for my 2023 challenges.

European Reading Challenge

Gilion's original post

My challenge signup

The idea is to visit European countries by reading books set there. I signed up for the maximum level, which is five, but it's likely I'll read more than that.

1.) Henry James/The Wings of the Dove (Italy)
2.) Robert Gerwarth/November 1918 (Germany)
3.) Eric Ambler/The Levanter (Cyprus)
4.) Samuel Butler/The Way of All Flesh (UK)
5.) Victor Gruen/Shopping Town (Austria)
6.) Honoré de Balzac/Cousin Bette (France)
7.) Georgi Gospodinov/Time Shelter (Bulgaria)
8.) Robert Aickman/Go Back At Once (Croatia)
9.) Olga Tokarczuk/The Books of Jacob (Poland)
10.) Ivo Andrić/Omer Pasha Latas (Bosnia)
11.) Owen Matthews/Overreach (Russia)
12.) Anna Comnena/The Alexiad (Turkey)
13.) Josef Škvorecky/Sins For Father Knox (Czech Republic)
14.) Janwillem van de Wetering/Outsider in Amsterdam (Netherlands)
15.) Homer/The Iliad (Greece)
16.) Leah Horlick/Moldovan Hotel (Moldova)
17.) Herta Müller/The Fox Was Ever the Hunter (Romania)

Vintage Mystery Scavenger Hunt

Bev's original post

My challenge signup

It's a scavenger hunt! Find items from the list on the covers of mysteries books from each of two eras, gold (prior to 1960) and silver (1960-1989). I'm aiming for a minimum of eight in each era.


Bottle of Poison: Ngaio Marsh' Death At The Bar (1940)
Two Persons: G. K. Chesterton's The Man Who Was Thursday (1908)
Hand Holding Gun: Leslie Charteris' The Saint in Miami (1940)
Glove: Ngaio Marsh' Death of a Peer (1940)
Castle: Josephine Tey's The Daughter of Time (1951)
Fishing Gear: Ngaio Marsh's Death and The Dancing Footman (1942)
Piece of Furniture: H. C. Bailey's Call Mr. Fortune (1922)
Town Scene: Israel Zangwill's The Big Bow Mystery (1892)
Boat: C. Daly King's Obelists At Sea (1932)
Man in Trench Coat: H. C. Bailey's Mr. Fortune's Practice (1923)
Hat: Patricia Wentworth's Who Pays the Piper? (1940)


Shadowy Figure: Eric Ambler's The Levanter (1972)
Jewelry: Kerry Greenwood's Cocaine Blues (1989)
Knife: Andrew Greeley's Happy are the Clean of Heart (1986)
Brunette: Erle Stanley Gardner's Shills Can't Cash Chips (1960)
Hat: Josef Škvorecky's Sins for Father Knox (1973)
Glove: Ngaio Marsh's Hand in Glove (1962)
Noose: Janwillem van de Wetering's Outsider in Amsterdam (1975)
Other Animal: Tony Hillerman's The Blessing Way (1970)

The Classics Club

Books I've read this year from my ongoing Classics Club list:

1.) Henry James/The Wings of the Dove
2.) Samuel Butler/The Way of All Flesh
3.) Honoré de Balzac/Cousin Bette
4.) James Baldwin/Notes of a Native Son
5.) W. Somerset Maugham/The Razor's Edge
6.) Giovanni Boccaccio/The Decameron

Link to last year's challenge omnibus page.

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