Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Mount TBR 2018 Checkpoint #3 (Mt. Ararat)

I've currently read 39 out of the 48 books that are the Mt. Ararat challenge. That puts me a little ahead of the pace I need to be on, though I should be aiming at a much higher mountain, especially as it is now book-buying season in Toronto with two of the four big charity sales on the University of Toronto campus just recently past (and two more to come). But we'll ignore any new volcanic mountain-building activity for now, and just celebrate the nearly 13,700 feet I've gotten up the mountain I'm attacking.

I'm going to go with (A) as a suggested topic: my favorite character so far has to be Don Fabrizio of The Leopard. Sure, it's partly because he's played by Burt Lancaster in the movie. But he's a worldly Italian aristocrat, if, perhaps, a little less rich than he needs to be, with serious scientific interests, and at the same time a sardonic wit. "His family is an old one, I am told, or soon will be." I'd have him to dinner, though look out for your daughters.

Thanks to Bev at My Reader's Block for hosting!


  1. On, on! We are on the same mountain and I see that you are two books ahead of me. I still hope to reach the top before the end of the year. I have to hurry up, but the oxygen is competing with new books that have come my way.

    1. 37 is still on track, though--it looks like we're doing ok! The real question is whether to tackle a larger mountain next year...