Monday, January 1, 2018

2017 Reading Year In Review

The first of the year and it's summary time. (That's not summery time, at least here in Toronto, alas. There are flurries falling as I compose this.)

The best books I read this year:

Michael Chabon's Moonglow

- This one didn't get a post, but it has become my favorite Michael Chabon novel, and he's a favorite of mine to begin with. 'Mike' tells stories of his 'grandfather'.

Penelope Fitzgerald's Innocence

- This may be only my third or fourth favorite of her novels, but that's still enough to get it on this list

John Dickson Carr's The Case Of The Constant Suicides

- In which the author of this post realizes he's seriously underestimated Carr.

Matthias Enard's Compass

-A love story between socially maladroit intellectuals that left me with a new bunch of books I wanted to read. What's not to like?

Fernando Pessoa's The Book of Disquiet

-One of those books I wanted to read after Compass.

That's out of 126 total books for me. Some statistics: 35% of them came from the library (love live the Toronto Public Library!) 26% of them were written by women. Sixty got posts written for them.

There will be a couple of challenge wrap-up posts yet to come.

It was a good reading year. Hope yours was as well, and your next one even better. Happy 2018!

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