Monday, January 7, 2019

Mount TBR 2018 Wrapup

I opted for Mount Ararat for the 2018 Mount TBR challenge, which is 48 books from off those TBR shelves. I am pleased to announce...(drum roll!)...that I read 49 TBR books in 2018 so I got to the top of Mount Ararat and then did a little victory dance that involved some leaping once I got there. But that's a long ways from Mt. Kilimanjaro, which I'm aiming for in 2019 (and is still probably a lower mountain than I should be aiming at...)

The complete list is here.

Some of the proverbial wisdom I gathered this last year...

A penny saved is...Money.
All that glitters is not...Dracula.
Two wrongs don't make...The Group.
Hope for the best, but prepare for...If The War Goes On.
When the going gets tough, the tough get...The Leopard.

Those all come from proper TBR books, but a couple of the best proverbs come from other things I read last year:

Don't count your chickens before...The Fox. (library book)
When in Rome...Behold Things Beautiful. (library book)
The squeaky wheel gets...The Blue Hammer. (reread)

Thanks again to Bev at My Reader's Block for hosting!

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