Sunday, February 17, 2019

Sunday Salon (#3)

I'd better get typing or it's going to be Monday Salon...

Interesting Link

You are following Holds Upon Happiness Poem for Thursday, aren't you?

Top of the Reading Pile

Orlando Furioso could still be on that stack. But not for much longer!

It will probably take me a while to read Don Paterson's book of collected aphorisms, The Fall At Home. But that's the way it should be read, a page or so at a time.
"We are only expressions of physical law, and therefore if we decide we are not without purpose--then the universe is not without purpose."
I'm a sucker for books of aphorisms: Pessoa, Cioran, La Rochefoucauld, Sarah Manguso, even Nietzsche. Anybody else have this compulsion?


What me plan? But I am thinking about either Reading Ireland or the Wales Readathon for March. Or maybe both. Reese is a Welsh name, you know.

Where I Am

Despite the weather, it was an errand-running weekend. I got tea at the tea store today (to fill the cup next to that stack above) and yesterday it was the grocery store...

I've got a nice picture of the ceramics museum from January, but I'll save it for some weekend when I really don't have a picture.

How goes it with you?

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