Sunday, February 3, 2019

Sunday Salon

Interesting Links

I found this post about Auden's first arrival in New York to be fascinating. And, bonus, it includes an obscure Auden occasional (written as a thank you to the manager of the hotel he stayed at) poem I'd never seen, but is pretty amusing.

I'm reading Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus with a friend. It's the only way I'll manage it. This article at Aeon about Frank Ramsey, Wittgenstein's friend, first translator, and all-around genius was useful.

A number of things have made me interested in Virginia Woolf's diaries lately. (This is includes you, O, at Quaint and Curious) and this at The New Republic was definitely interesting. Multiple simultaneous diaries! Hmm. Did Doris Lessing know about this?

Top of the Reading Pile

The Baldwin is for If Beale Street Could Talk, because I'm thinking about seeing the movie. What usually happens is by the time I read the book, the movie will be gone.

Where I Am

Looking out over my and my neighbors' backyards in Toronto. It's warmer today, but still this would be a good week to be somewhere else...

How about you?


  1. I moved from Minnesota to North Carolina a few years ago and I am appreciating the four seasons with a much shorter amount of time with snow and cold temperatures. In fact the temperature range is much tighter, it doesn't get a s cold or as hot here. In Toronto you are actually south of Minnesota but still you have snow and cold. It was cold 0C last week for a couple days but now it is springlike around 20C!

    I hope you have plenty of great reads and stay warm. Anne - Books of My Heart

    1. We got nowhere near as cold as Minnesota--and I'm thankful! But today it's 6C and rainy, so go figure.

  2. LOL Doris Lessing!

    In California we just have lots of rain. But I can't complain...we need it badly.

    Saw Savage Theories in your pile. I read that for the Tournament of Books last year. Most of it (all of it?) went right over my head. I wish you better luck with it!

    1. Thanks. It was partly the Tournament of Books where I came across it, but I'm slow as usual.

      My brother lives in California. After California's bad fire season, I think he's happy with some rain.

  3. Oooo, I see Orlando Furioso!!! I want to read that so badly! It won't be in the next few months but we'll see.

    Well, it was -8ºC last night so we might have you beat in B.C.! Only a couple of inches of snow as yet. It's a nice change from the rain and damp and unusually warm weather this year so far.

    1. You do! It's been crazy rollercoaster weather the last week, with rain and 4C or so lately.

      I read a prose translation of Orlando a couple of years ago (Waldman) and really liked it. Then I saw that David Slavitt had translated it--I've read other of his translations from Latin and I find him really good, especially for funny things. I should have a report, umm, soon-ish?

  4. I completely understand: some books simply require company in reading them. Enjoy your projects!