Thursday, March 30, 2023

Joyce (#poem)

O, it was out by Donnycarney
  When the bat flew from tree to tree
My love and I did walk together;
  And sweet were the words she said to me.
Along with us the summer wind
  Went murmuring--O, happily!--
But softer than the breath of summer
  Was the kiss she gave to me.
-James Joyce

This is number XXXI from Joyce's sequence Chamber Music of 1907. It is--uh--much less adventurous than the general run of Joyce's later works, and Joyce wasn't entirely sure he shouldn't just squelch the whole thing. Joyce later wrote Nora, "When I wrote [Chamber Music], I was a lonely boy walking about by myself at night, and thinking one day a girl would love me." Nevertheless (or therefore?) I kind of like them.

Donnycarney is now suburban Dublin and seems to be best known as the home of a sports stadium. Not very romantic at all.

We're off to Ireland in a few weeks! Probably won't go see Donnycarney...


  1. I like this poem. And I hope you have a wonderful time in Ireland! It's one of those places that sounds so amazing and that I hope I can visit someday.