Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Classics Club Spin #33

How can you not spin for #33? I feel like I should add a 1/3rd to that.

I'm nearing the end of my original list; the last couple of spins I added a few books from a potential new classics club list. But not this time! I'm concentrating on knocking off those remaining books, so there will be some doubling up.

(For full directions on how to do a Classics Club spin, see the organizing post. But you know all that...)

The First Five

1.) W. Somerset Maugham/The Razor's Edge
2.) Virginia Woolf/The Waves
3.) Balzac/Cousin Bette
4.) Boccaccio/The Decameron
5.) James Baldwin/Notes of a Native Son

The Second Five

6.) W. Somerset Maugham/The Razor's Edge
7.) Virginia Woolf/The Waves
8.) Balzac/Cousin Bette
9.) Boccaccio/The Decameron
10.) James Baldwin/Notes of a Native Son

Hmm...those look a lot like the first five.

The Third Five

11.) W. Somerset Maugham/The Razor's Edge
12.) Virginia Woolf/The Waves
13.) Balzac/Cousin Bette
14.) Boccaccio/The Decameron
15.) James Baldwin/Notes of a Native Son

Whoa. I'm picking up on a pattern here...

The Final Five

16.) W. Somerset Maugham/The Razor's Edge
17.) Virginia Woolf/The Waves
18.) Balzac/Cousin Bette
19.) Boccaccio/The Decameron
20.) James Baldwin/Notes of a Native Son

Yes, there may have been some copying and pasting going on!

They've all appeared on spin lists before and have failed to be selected. Of those 20 (whoops, I mean 5) books, which do you particularly like? Sunday, the 19th, will reveal all.

Happy spinning!


  1. Clever picking! :P
    Haven't read those 5, but I'm curious about Cousin Bete. I've not read Balzac in a long time, and you reminded me I still have Eugenie Grandet somewhere on my TBR!
    Anyway, have fun! I'm not participating this time, but would watch eagerly what everybody's gonna get from the spin. ;)

    1. I've liked the other Balzacs I've read (which isn't many) so that would be a good spin.

  2. Oh yes, that's exactly how I had to do it when I ran out of titles. I've got my fingers crossed for Razor's Edge.

  3. Heehee, what a good idea for the list. I did double up a few from my old list but never that many. I love it.

    I have read The Decameron from your list, so I am looking forward to seeing what you will get.

    Good luck with your spin.

    Thanks for visiting my list.

    1. And thanks for visiting mine! The Decameron is the longest I think, but even still...

    2. I think we all have some that we secretly wish for but that's the fun of this challenge, to read something we might not choose ourself at this moment.

  4. Great approach! Good luck! I can't say I've read any of these... but since we have Maugham in common, I'm hoping you end up with Razor's Edge. :)

    1. I feel like I should read Razor's Edge soon anyway.

  5. I've just started my second year of CC, so I'm a long way from needing to do this for my spin choices! I've only read James Baldwin from your five, but not that particular book. Good luck!

    1. I've read a couple of other Baldwins. He's good!

  6. I've read both The Razor's Edge and The Waves and I liked both for different reasons. The Waves is a little tricky at the start, but once you get in the flow of it it's pretty fun. Happy spinning!

  7. You have to be of a certain age to get 33-1/3. One time joining the crowd of officemates at the elevator at the end of a Friday I asked, it just popped out, "Is everybody going to Wang Chung tonight?" They looked at me such that I expected to the subject of a grievance by Monday. People born after 1980 don't remember any good bad songs. As for good bad novels, Maugham's The Razor's Edge is knowing and worldly but still has a certain sympathy for seekers of truth like us hardcore readers. Cousin Bette was good, it shows where Simenon got all his peasants out to scourge comfy middle class people.

    1. Cousin Bette is it. Might have to read the others soon anyway & just finish up that list.

      I was a little surprised I didn't have more takers on the 33 1/3rd. I though vinyl was coming back--but maybe it's just vinyl...

      Everybody Wang Chung tonight, boy I haven't thought about *that* in a while. I'll bet you got some looks.