Sunday, March 5, 2023

Sunday Salon


Last Week

Put up a poem by Emily Henrietta Hickey which I've always liked.

Blogged about Eric Ambler's The Levanter, a spy novel. Pretty good, but not one of his best.

The rest of the reading week:

Ethel Wilson's Hetty Dorval is one of those books that gets labeled a lost Canadian classic--and it kind of is! Frankie Burnaby is a naive teenage girl in Lytton, a small British Columbia town. Hetty Dorval moves into town. Hetty seems glamorous to Frankie, but maybe she's too glamorous? Or glamorous for the wrong reasons? It comes out in 1947, and it compares well, I'd say, to other mid-century female authors, the sort of thing that Virago brought back to light. 

I'd known of it for a while, but read it now because Alexandra Oliver's volume of poetry Hail, The Invisible Watchman has a sonnet sequence based on the novel.

Where I am

Our winter's been pretty mild, but then this happened Friday night. I hope the cedar in our front yard recovers--it was bent over nearly to the ground. It was so bad they closed all the libraries in town. (Noooo! 😉) Fortunately they'll be open again tomorrow...

How was your week?


  1. I have a maple tree in my back yard that really suffered a few years ago after a snow/ice event. I thought the tree was a goner for sure. Instead the tree rebounded and has flourished. I hope your tree makes it through as successfully.

  2. Thank you for sharing Hetty Dorval with us. I am always drawn to stories about women and the struggles women have in the past and now.

    And, oh, the snow. Beautiful but cold. Yesterday it was near-paradise here, with bright sun, a cool breeze, high-70s temps.

    1. It wasn't that cold (at least for us) which is why it was so hard on the tree.

      Hetty Dorval isn't unknown up here--that copy is in the New Canadian Library, a collection of Canadian classics, but it should be better known.

  3. My yard looks a lot like yours...lots of snow! And we need it so much, but boy am I getting tired of it. I'm really ready for spring to start.

    1. All our snow has been coming so late this year. I'm worried now we'll have snow storms in June!