Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Nonfiction November - What I learned (or Yikes! More books to read...)

The prompt for the last week of Nonfiction November comes from Katie at Doing Dewey and asks what new books have we added to our TBR list. This is the funnest prompt yet, and I've been so much enjoying going through all the lists that people have assembled.

So here's what particularly caught my eye:

Brona's Books

Bill Bryson/Notes From A Small Island -

I've been interested in Bryson for a while, but didn't know which one to read. Now I do! 
Buried In Print

Michael Dirda/Browsings -
I'd heard of this but I'd forgotten to write it down. It sounds very cool. Though actually I came across it at Words and Peace
Doing Dewey

Robertson Davies/A Voice From The Attic -
I read a different collection of Davies' essays once & really liked it. I'd never heard of this and it sounds great.
Emerald City Book Review

Marie-Louise von Franz/Shadow and Evil in Fairy Tales -
I'd never heard of her. This sounds fascinating. 
Head Full Of Books

Albert Marrin/Very, Very, Very Dreadful: The Influenza Pandemic of 1918 -
This fits in with my other WWI reading. And that title!
Anna Crowley Redding/Google It: A History of Google -
I saw Anne had this on her list and it looked good, so I immediately ordered it from my library. Then in the end she didn't like it much, but I've got it here now anyway...
Howling Frog

Simon Winder/Danubia
the Hapsburgs! For me, that's enough said.
Christopher de Hamel/Meetings With Remarkable Manuscripts -
about medieval manuscripts. The Other Reader is the medievalist in the house, but I'm the one interested in manuscripts. 
Nancy LN:

Imani Perry/Looking for Lorraine -
about Lorraine Hansberry, the playwright
J. Blank/James Wright: A Life in Poetry -
but her post made me want to read more James Wright, too, and probably first...
The Lusiads -
Classic about Portuguese explorers
Carlo Levi/Christ Stopped at Eboli -
I knew of this and even own a copy, but it moved up about a million places on my TBR. (And yes, my TBR list probably is that long...)
Quaint and Curious Volumes

Virginia Woolf/The Common Reader -
I read the first series years ago. This reminded I need to reread it and read the second series as well. I really don't know why I've waited so long.
Quentin Bell/Virginia Woolf, A Biography
Michael Witworth/Authors in Context: Virginia Woolf -
Actually all of her Virginia Woolf selections look great.  

Lawrence Wright/God Save Texas -
addressing the increasingly remote Texan in me.
Isabel Wilkerson/The Warmth of Other Suns -
I knew of this but needed reminding. Migration from the South to Chicago, for instance
And a whole list of great-looking books for writers on writing. The ones I've read (Zinsser, Dillard, Rilke) made me want to read the ones I hadn't. And made me reread Rollo May's The Courage to Create.

Thanks to all our hosts and particularly Doing Dewey for this week. And thanks to all participants for giving me all these new books to read!


  1. So many great books were recommended this month. I hope you're able to enjoy some of these titles in the near future.

    1. Thanks! The library is already sending some.

  2. James Wright...I still miss him,
    I did not want the book to end.
    He had his demons (alcohol) but managed to rise above it with the help of his second wife. It is an absolutely gripping read...and then his poems make so much sense! Great selections for your TBR!

    1. Thanks. As you may have noticed ... ;) ... yours made an impression on me as well! I really do want to read more James Wright now.