Sunday, April 14, 2019

Sunday Salon

Briefly Noted

The late poet J. D. McClatchy published a selection of his commonplace book under the title Sweet Theft in 2016. I read it slowly, but it was quite a lot of fun. "People say life is the thing, but I prefer reading," is a quote by Logan Pearsall Smith. I'm sure there are many places I could have found that, but for me, I found it in McClatchy's Sweet Theft. And there are a bunch of other good ones in it.

I've got Auden's commonplace book here. It's sorted by topic and I see by the bookmark I punked out when I got to Calvin. Hmmm. I may have to try again.

Where I was

Well, I didn't get much reading done because the Other Reader and I were in Washington, DC. The weather was lovely, which it isn't yet here.
Georgetown street scene
From the Heurich House museum.
This is the sort of thing you commission when you're a rich brewer.

The reflecting pool doing its thing.
Was the Monument leaning right or am I left-leaning?

Sunset from the top of the Watergate.
There may have been some jokes about unindicted co-conspirators.

Saturday Baking

We did get back in time for me to make cookies before having friends over last night.

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  1. Seems like a fun trip. Those cookies look tasty.

    Have a great reading week

  2. I must do a search at my library for commonplace books. I keep one myself (well, I call it a journal, but let's call a spade a spade). It's terribly fun to read (browse?) a book like that. I wonder who else kept commonplace books in the past.

    I love your photo essay on your trip to Washington. Spot on.

    I'm very glad you joined us at Sunday Salon.

    1. My journal is pretty much a commonplace book, too. My life is nice, but pretty dull (in a good way)!

  3. Lovely photos and yes, those cookies look delicious!

  4. It's fun to vicariously travel with you (the captions are giggle-worthy) and munch on cookies all the while.