Sunday, January 2, 2022

European Reading Challenge 2021 Wrapup


Well, another year is done and that means I'm done going over the top on another European Reading Challenge. It turned out to be a very good year for book. Here's my final list:

1.) Helen MacInnes' North From Rome. Italy
2.) Howard Pyle's Men of Iron. UK
3.) Georgi Gospodinov's The Physics of Sorrow. Bulgaria
4.) Mary Wollstonecraft's Letters Written in Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. Sweden
5.) Alex Ross' Wagnerism. Germany
6.) R. L. Stevenson's Travels With a Donkey. France
7.) Robert Kanigel's Hearing Homer's Song. Montenegro
8.) Ivo Andrić' The Bridge on the Drina. Bosnia
9.) Patricia Moyes' Death on the Night Ferry. Netherlands
10.) Halldór Laxness' Independent People. Iceland
11.) Tacitus' Annals. Armenia
12.) Amélie Nothomb's Tokyo Fiancée. Belgium
13.) Sholem Aleichem's In The Storm. Ukraine
14.) Josef Skvorecky's Lieutenant Boruvka. Czechia
15.) Mateiu Caragiale's Rakes of the Old Court. Romania
16.) Eça de Queirós' The City and the Mountains. Portugal
17.) Longus' Daphnis and Chloe. Greece
18.) Jenny Erpenbeck's The End of Days. Austria
19.) Emma Lathen's Double, Double, Oil and Trouble. Switzerland

If I'd written about just one more, I could have gotten it up to a round 20. Oh, well...

This is one of the best challenges going for me. Thanks again to Gilion for hosting. The signup for the new version is out. I need to do it!


  1. impressive touring there... just reading the list tires me out, lol... i wonder if there any Finnish books in translation?

    1. The Kalevala! I have a copy & I've dipped into it, but I've never read it through. This could be the year...

  2. Finding all these books is half of the work!
    Suggestion Netherlands 2022: The Assault (novella 192 pg. published 1986) by Harry Mulisch. It is the winter of 1945, the last dark days of World War II in occupied Holland. A Nazi collaborator, infamous for his cruelty, is assassinated as he rides home on his bicycle. The Germans retaliate by burning down the home of an innocent family; only twelve-year-old Anton survives. It is excellent and was made into a movie!

    1. Thanks!

      I read The Discovery of Heaven by him a few years ago and have been wondering about other of his books.