Tuesday, January 3, 2023

European Reading Challenge Wrapup for 2022

And...it's a wrap!

2022 is now over and so are my travels by book to Europe. This is one of the best challenges going as far as I'm concerned and I had a great time again with it this year. Here's my final list of books and countries:

1.) Andrey Kurkov/Death and the Penguin (Ukraine)
2.) Kate O'Brien/Farewell Spain (Spain)
3.) Elisabeth Vigée-Lebrun/Memoirs (France)
4.) Charles King/The Black Sea: A History (Romania)
5.) Thomas Pynchon/V. (Malta)
6.) Marc David Baer/The Ottomans (Turkey)
7.) Douglas Dunn/The Donkey's Ears (Russia)
8.) Charles King/The Ghost of Freedom (Azerbaijan)
9.) Heimito von Doderer/The Strudlhof Steps (Austria)
10.) Gershom Scholem/Sabbatai Sevi (Montenegro)
11.) Oliver Goldsmith/The Vicar of Wakefield (U.K.)
12.) Vicki Baum/Grand Hotel (Germany)
13.) Shirley Hazzard/Greene on Capri (Italy)

Over the years I've done this, thirteen is not my best number, and nor is it my worst, but in any case it is well over the five to meet the challenge. These were my first challenge visits to Malta and Azerbaijan, and there continue to be six countries I've visited every year: France, Germany, Austria, U.K., Italy, and Romania. My favorite visits this year were Malta (well, a reread for me), Austria, the U.K., and Italy.

Thanks to Gilion for hosting once again!

Are you visiting in 2023?


  1. Traveling by book is a great substitute for when you can't travel any other way...and you went to some amazing countries in this challenge. Congrats! :D

    1. I'm hoping to do some real traveling, too, this year!

  2. You put me to shame with your success in this challenge. I'm not yet brave enough to venture out to try new authors in so many other countries and risk so-so reads. However, when I get as well-versed in the classics as you are, I'll try it. But not yet. Good luck with your attempt in 2023!!

    1. I always get England & France because I know those countries are going to provide good books. Italy, too. Somehow I keep missing Greece, which is weird for me.

  3. I get stuck in all the easy countries - usually France, Italy & the UK.
    Happy New Year & happy reading in 2023!

    1. Well, yes,... English-speaking countries account for the vast majority of books, I read, and France & Italy are the next likeliest ones for me, too. It is a nice challenge to get me to stretch a little.