Friday, January 6, 2023

My Reader's Block Vintage Scavenger Hunt Signup 2023

I figure I need another blogging challenge to keep me active, so I'm signing up for Bev's My Reader's Block vintage mystery challenge. I've done it before, but it's been a couple of years. Bev's doing the scavenger hunt model again this year, which I prefer, because it allows me to judge a book by its cover... 😉

The idea is to read books with images that match the various categories on the cards shown below. (Full details given at Bev's post here.) Eight books is the minimum challenge level, and I'll plan on getting to at least that level for both Golden Age (before 1960) and Silver Age (1960-1989) mysteries.

Thanks to Bev for hosting this!


  1. It sounds fun. I hope it also thwarts your reader's block.

  2. Have fun with this one...and good luck! :D

  3. I was almost tempted to join you in this challenge, but on second thought, no, I'm going to keep my original plan - I'm excited to read the books, and it's a pity to change them just to make room for more crime novels that fit into the prompt. :)
    But, good luck, and have fun in your hunting and reading! ;)

    1. You had a pretty good-looking plan there!

      I was looking for another challenge for the year because I don't think Back to the Classics is coming back.